KIDS 3D HD Character Generator

KIDS 3D HD Character Generator

The KIDS 3D HD CG was used extensively by both Television New Zealand and Sky New Zealand during RWC 2011.

Our CG is simple to install in OB trucks or Studios and simple to use.

The KIDS CG's were loaded with the official IRB/Host Broadcaster Graphics pacakage.

The KIDS CG has a unique property in that it can interface with an external database.
Both clients were interfaced directly with the KIDS database which gave them the continuous live stats feed.
TVNZ and Sky were able to select the stats they wished for all preview, review, half time and full time shows.

Sky had its RWC 2011 main fronting studio and production control room set up on the waterfront in downtown Auckland.
Sky Downtown was in use up to 17 hours a day for seven weeks.
As well as the hundreds of hours of RWC programs there were four other Sky programs originated from Sky Downtown.

KIDS provided all the Graphics for all the transmissions from Sky Downtown.
Contractors operated the CG's that performed flawlessly.

There were three KIDS CG's on site.
The primary "A" machine on air.
The backup "B" machine.
The "C" machine was in the production office and used to prepare graphics for shows.

Television New Zealand TVNZ) leased four KIDS CG's for RWC 2011.

Two CG's were installed in the TVNZ unilateral OB Truck and two in the the TVNZ Studios.
As is usual for KIDS operations, both the OB Truck and the Studios had a primary and a backup machine.

KIDS trained TVNZ control room staff to operate our CG's in a few hours.