KIDS Rugby System

Sky TV Rugby

Since 2000, KIDS has been delivering all the Hardware and Software for SKY Rugby.

KIDS designed and built its own Automated graphics engine and Character Generator.

KIDS is a software development and data management company that specialises in delivering product for television.

Apart from Windows, KIDS does not pay license fees for other companies software.


The KIDS Rugby System as used by SKY New Zealand is a complete package.

The SKY Rugby system was the basis for the much acclaimed KIDS Rugby World Cup 2011 package.


The unique and innovative, patented KIDS technology simultaneously outputs four different graphics "looks" for SKY.

SKY individually brands it's three domestic products, SKY Sport, The Rugby Channel and Prime.

The SKY International "look" is distributed globally unbranded.

This multiple output graphics package is known as the KIDS System.


KIDS has four different methods of applying graphics to a clean Television signal:

1. The KIDS System.

The Graphics outputer and stats inputers are on site.

Clean pictures are delivered to SKY in Auckland from the venue.

Everything at the OB operates as normal except the pictures leaving the OB are clean of graphics.

The KIDS computers on site are connected to the KIDS computers at SKY by an ISDN line.

As the Vision Mixer on site keys a graphic a GPI trigger is sent to SKY and the KIDS computers at SKY key the same graphic at the same time.

This allows the multiple generation of graphics "looks" and/or branding.


2. The KIDS Downsuite.

This KIDS innovation enables SKY to generate it's own "look" and multiple outputs without having to send operators to venues.

The Downsuite is used for all All Black matches played outside New Zealand and for many domestic games.

This very successful cost saving facility has been in use for 10 years.

The clean pictures are delivered to the KIDS Master Control Room (MCR) at SKY.

The stats are created from the clean feed and the graphics are applied in the KIDS MCR.

There is no need for a standard control room setup.

The commentators and production staff can see all the stats, the next graphic pre-view and the graphic "on air" on laptops via the KIDS website.


3. The KIDS Reverse Downsuite.

This method is also widely used by SKY in NZ.

The setup is basically the same as for the Downsuite but the Graphics are keyed on site by the Vision Mixer.

The stats generated at SKY are transferred from the KIDS stats computers at SKY to the KIDS computers in the OB Truck via an ISDN line.

The GPI triggers for the multiple output computers at SKY come on the other side of the ISDN.

The OB production has complete control of the graphics.


4. Dirty on site.

The is the "normal" OB set up as used by most broadcasters.

This is the fall back set up for SKY in the advent of failure or when there are match time clashes.

This was used in conjunction with the KIDS System as outlined above for Rugby World Cup 2011.


The on air graphics are delivered by our KIDS 3D HD Automated graphics engine.

All graphics are automated and templated.

Our KIDS 3D HD Character Generator is used on all studio based Rugby shows.


The KIDS stats system used by SKY was unconditionally adopted by all parties for RWC 2011.


The KIDS Integrated Match Time Solution (IMTS) is used by the match TMO to control the match and Television Time.

IMTS was designed and built by KIDS, is IRB approved, and was the official time for RWC 2011 matches.

Match time, Referees time, TV time, Big Screen time, Internet time and phone apps time were all the same and all controlled by the TMO on a KIDS Laptop.

IMTS is used in NZ for internationals and Super Rugby matches.