Shopping Channel

Shopping Channel

KIDS Graphics has provided a number of core technologies as part of the live production of The Shopping Channel in New Zealand.

Starting in 2012, KIDS Graphics provide a number of key technologies for the live production of The Shopping Channel.

This form of production can be very challenging, comprising of long production schedules (8+ hours per day), requirement for a high level of automation due to workload, integration of product database, product images, etc.

KIDS Graphics provide the following services:

  • Dual Redundant live graphics engines integrated to the live production for realtime graphics production.
  • Live rundown Manager software that uses pre-constructed show rundowns to control graphics machines during live operation.
  • Import of pre-show rundown from broadcast schedule and product database to allow for rapid and flexible creation of show rundowns.
  • Import of production media assets (product imaging and brand logos) to live systems for automatic use.
  • Interfacing (both live and pre-production) with remote product database.
  • Production of XML/HTML based web production viewer including segment and product schedule, up next information, and product stock levels.

The use of the KIDS Graphics Solutions allows this heavy production schedule to be managed with limited personel and resources.