High End Sports

High End Sports

Full Coverage Sports systems

KIDS Graphics specialise in providing a full solution stack in the areas of data collection, management, and multi channel live graphics production for sports coverage. 

We maintain a family of products that work together in a scalable and flexible manner to provide full stack solutions to live sports coverage.

Areas of coverage:

Event and Competition databases including team squads and lineups, team and player statistics, game information, etc.

  • Live Graphics on site and centralised with a range of innovative and flexible techniques for operations.
  • Production of multiple different graphics feeds in multiple locations for flexible branding and presentation.
  • Fully integrated game clock management.
  • Interfacing to additional game data feeds (such as stadium clocks, etc).
  • Single or multiple stats inputer game stats collection systems.
  • Specific on site graphics feeds customised for Big Screen use.
  • On Site and Remote web based commentator information systems.
  • Teamsheet and Half/Full time report PDF production.
  • Post game update of centralised database with full game stats.

KIDS Graphics specialises in providing a complete system for not only broadcast graphics but many other areas of such sports events.