News systems

News systems

Graphics, Integration, and Automation for News Systems

KIDS Graphics provide a number of key technologies that can integrate to provide a highly effective News workflow in support of live productions.

News production is a challenging area involving both a large amount of pre planning and scripting combined with the need to be flexible and react to last minute changes and challenges.

KIDS Graphics provide a number of technologies that are applicable to these systems.


K3D Designer CG

This is a high end live production oriented graphics generator platform that can provide both templated and free form graphics recall in live environments.


Our character generator systems support a number of high and low level automation interfaces that make automation of production simple, these include:

Triggered GPI control of system.

Advanced and Simple playlists, both manually stepped and timed.

XMLRPC developer interface for data and control automation.

iNEWS/MOS Integration:

KIDS Graphics are currently developing interfaces with iNEWS and other MOs Gateway compliant systems.