Multiple Branding System

Multiple Branding System

The KIDS Multiple Branding System (MBS) utilises the KIDS Multiple Output Graphics System (Mogs). This is a very valuable weapon to generate revenue for Event organisers and Broadcast Rights Holders alike.

KIDS MBS ensures that complete control of all commercial activities to do with the telecast remain with the organisers.

The Event commercial sponsors logos are embedded into the agreed designated graphics packages by KIDS.
These are overlaid onto the match or event pictures at specific times or occasions in the telecast and are received by all broadcasters.

MBS also allows individual broadcast Rights Holders, subject to approval from the organisers,to sell their own packages within the telecasts.
These packages are only embedded into the Rights Holders packages by KIDS, with written approval from the organisers.
These unilateral Rights Holders telecasts would use KIDS Graphics equipment and be controlled by the Host Broadcaster Graphics outputter.

The KIDS MBS can generate revenue for the Broadcast Rights Holders, an attractive element in rights negotiations, but the control of the content of the commercial  packages is with the organisers.

This also means the organisers can generate a very useful revenue stream from individual broadcasters by collecting a percentage of the broadcasters' packages.

KIDS MBS is a win win for Event Organisers and Broadcast Rights Holders.

KIDS has experience in providing this service.