Multiple Output Graphics System

Multiple Output Graphics System (MOGS)

The original idea for this system was the catalyst to establish KIDS.

The principle behind the idea is simple.
To be able to create multiple graphic "looks" to be overlaid onto the original clean pictures.
This is achieved with no increase in operational staff.

MOGS can deliver any European language plus Japanese, Chinese and Korean with others to be added.

There are four main drivers for this.

1. Individual Channel Branding for Host Broadcasters and Rights Holders.
2. Individual Commercial Branding for each Broadcaster.
3. Multiple Languages.
4. A combination of all three above.

Working examples:


Sky New Zealand

On every game of Rugby telecast by Sky there are four simultaneous and different "looks" generated.
All four outputs generated have individual branding added with one push of a button.

KIDS output 1. Sky Sport 1 - channel branding and commercial branding.
KIDS output 2. Sky Rugby channel - channel branding and commercial branding.
KIDS output 3. Prime Television ( Free to Air Sky partner) channel.
KIDS output 4. International Feed. Competition branded only. NO channel or commercial branding.


Rugby World Cup (RWC 2011)

There was an IRB requirement for multiple language outputs on all matches for RWC 2011.

KIDS output 1. English
KIDS output 2. French
KIDS output 3. Maori

All three language outputs were generated simultaneously by KIDS and overlaid onto the clean match pictures at the International Broadcast centre in Auckland, regardless of where in New Zealand the match was played.


KIDS Hold patents on this technology in Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Denmark,Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.