Integrated Match Time Solution

Integrated Match Time Solution

The Integrated Match Time Solution (ITMS) developed by KIDS was a world first.

Never before in the history of International Sport has a single timing device, that was visible across all media, been used to control the match time of an International Tournament.
The Television Match Official (TMO) became the timekeeper, and in doing so controlled not only the official match time, but also the time across various other formats including Television, the venue's Big Screen, the Internet, and multiple phone applications.

The KIDS IMTS was the RWC 2011 official match time and that was accepted by all parties.

The ITMS was embraced by the players, officials, spectators and the media and the Television audience alike.

ITMS saw the emergence of crowd participation at the venues.
Countdowns to kickoff's and match finishes greatly contributed to the stadium atmosphere.
The clock going red at 80 minutes signaled that next time out was game over.