International Cycling

International Cycling

We have been proud to provide Broadcast Graphics and Data Integration services to a number of international cycling events over the years.

KIDS Graphics has provided 9 years of on site graphics and live data integration for the US coverage of the Tour de France. These services were provided in the OB compound at each stage finish in Europe, integrating to the host broadcasters data systems, 3rd party data systems, and the US broadcasters OB production unit.

US Coverage was provided by 'Outdoor Life Network', becoming 'Versus' and later 'NBC Sports'.

KIDS Graphics provided equipment and operators for the production of live in-coverage graphics as well as pre and post segment production on site.

Data Integration has included:

Integration with on-site host data feed including live end of race results, in race rider information, and race position.

The first collection and display of live cyclist heartrate data within the TDF Coverage.

Integration of live performance information from a number of sources (pedaling power, climb energy, etc).

Integration of map information.

KIDS Graphics have also provided the same or similar services for the AMGEN Tour of California, and the USAPCC Colorado Tour.

These tours all provide a unique challenge of data integration, long on-air times, heavy logistics demands, and requirement for absolute reliability, all of which were met or exceeded by KIDS Graphics.