Maori Television Basketball

Maori Television Basketball

KIDS Graphics provided Maori Television in New Zealand with stats collection, commentator information, and on site graphics delivery systems for the Breakers New Zealand games within the ANBC Basketball competition.


Stats Collection:

A team management application is used to rapid entry of team starting lineups, team information, coaches, and other related competition data.

A full live stats collection system utilising a pen/tablet input system with full play-by-play capture of the flow of game. This system allows creation, realtime analysis, and correction as required of the game being covered with a simple interface tuned to the speed of Basketball.

Live integration to the event clock allows for correct game and shot clock presentation, a feature critical to Basketball coverage.

All data collected is analysed in realtime, generating live stats and analysis data for consumption by other systems, as well as being recorded for future use if needed.


Commentator Information:

The system provides a web (html) based commentator information system giving live updates game statistics in a web browser that can be delivered to production and commentator endpoints. This system keeps everyone informed during progress of the game and is invaluable in live coverage to tie together graphics and commentary.


Graphics System:

A customised live graphics system is supplied with a designed look for production of pre/post match and in game graphics live on site.

The graphics system has an interface tuned to the coverage requirements, allowing more rapid recall of specific graphics than more generic control interfaces. All graphics are produced in real time by the kids TVGL graphics engine allowing flexibility of design and high quality output.



KIDS Graphics provide both software and hardware solutions for this event, as well as operator training and maintenance when required. Multiple backup machines are provided to cover possible on site equipment failure.